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Important to read How to earn credits

We have applied Credit System to avoid leeching. So you have to earn credits to Reply to threads. You will be charged 3 credits whenever you reply to any post.

This is a new measure to stop Leeching.

How to earn Credits?
1. Post Thread = 2 Credit
2. Daily Login = 1 Credit

Benefits of Credits?

1. Can reply to posts
2. Can purchase items from shop (Will be introduced soon)

Only registered members need credits to reply to posts. You can Upgrade your account if you are lazy to earn credits. If you cannot afford Upgrade, then start posting High-quality Threads to earn credits. Either you contribute, or just upgrade, There is no other way to get into hidden stuff.

If you Make 100 High Quality Threads, Then you will be upgraded to Contributor usergroup, After reaching contributor rank, user dont have any posting limits. User will be able to see all hidden content without even replying to the thread.

The VIP CLUB is Only accessible for people who OWN a membership, regular users can't see the content posted in there
This is a great way of avoiding leeching

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