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Premium Lily Andrews in Rays of Sunlight


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Lily Andrews spends the day outside in this brand new pictorial. On the location of a gorgeous home in Los Angeles, California, with the photographer, Tina Louise, we get to know Lily better. “I’m passionate about helping others,” says this part-time model and full-time nursing student. “Wha tever that may be for any particular person. Why? There’s not enough of it in the world.” Floating through the garden, Lily lets us in on a few other things too. “I’m really big on chemistry,” she says of dating. “I love someone who is driven, loyal, and kind to strangers!” Her best sex advice? “Feel confident in yourself and what you have to offer,” she shares. “Often, we go into a situation focusing on what we believe we lack, instead of focusing on all the amazing qualities that make us unique.


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